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Investment Consulting

A company with broad, international experience developing customer investments.

We specialize in a number of strategic areas, allowing you to provide our clients with the highest level of service.

Consultancy projects, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) it is our passion. We had the pleasure to create a number of international projects. We understand that consulting support in a rapidly changing world it is essential for the development of the organization.

We work with our clients in a wide variety of areas such as development and implementation of business strategies, advising on the development, expansion plans, marketing strategies and products preparation.

We know that every customer has different needs, so each job is treated individually.

Preparing the right products is the key factor of market success. Our goal is to choose the right technology, quality and market research in those cases. We analyze the all food processes to be sure we choose the best.

Our people are the best in them areas.

Our experiences enables us to provide strategic options for growth or expansion. The most important issues we can provide our Clients is: Business expansion, business strategy implementation, business process evaluation, company acquisitions.

We also assist with implementation those all processes.

Novista offers full consumer marketing and Brand building services. Main areas we serve is: brand building, brand design, consumer marketing and implementation of the assumptions.

The most important is we assist our Clients from the beginning of the process to the end – the whole process.

Sales is one of the main tasks of any organization. Novista consultants are very well experienced in building long – term relationships with them Clients. We have got experiences in team building process, building sales strategy and mass market distribution.

We are able to support in building the supply chain and build a strategy that will reduce costs and increase efficiency. Our main areas:

  • supply chain consulting,
  • software development,
  • transport desk

Te dynamic development of technology increases the demand for energy. Renewable energy is colled ,,the energy of the twenty-first century’’. For many years our company involved in projects related to renewable energy sources. We have been preparing projects involving the use of heat pumps, thermal springs, solar collectors and photovoltaic.

Photovoltaic has a huge potential for growth in the world for decades. Poland was one of the last countries in the European market increases the potential of renevable energy sources and therefore represents a huge potential for development in this area of the economy.

An optimal PV system – it is the Best system. Your energy production system depends on many factors, like: location of the project, direct sunlight, way to use(own needs, energy sales).

Novista Energy will help you prepare your individual system.

We will design a complete photovoltaic system, regardless of the size of the PV system Novista employees, as well as independent experts from home and abroad design the best solution. The product will receive a full technical design required to perform the connection.

If any problems with your future or current investment process, we can help you as well.

Feel free to ask us in any cases, our experts will find the solution.

Energy is a key factor of the economy.

The most popular programs are:

  • Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment,
  • Regional Operational Program(individual for each province),
  • Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area – Norwegian Financial Mechanism

Our support:

  • Investment analysis,
  • Selection of sources of founding,
  • Preparation of application documentation, feasibility studies, financial analysis,
  • Project’s settlement

One of the most import most import ant part of our work are trainings.

Training topics:
Energy policy, PV market, environment, finance and economics, overview of PV products, the idea of technology, panel and cells ranking, system design, calculations, optimization, current materials and techniques, typical installation errors, monitoring of PV systems.

Finances are an essential part of every project. Only a well-drawn area of ​​project financing can make the right business decisions.

Novista prepared products that allow proper positioning of the market, making the analysis, investment planning, and to raise funds for development.

To make the right decision, it is necessary to know the market environment. Analysis of the market very often changes adopted earlier picture of the project. It is worth to spend some time to make the right decision finally.

In a market economy competition is a key factor in the focus of the entrepreneur. Competitive ability of the company to a strong determinant affecting factors such as market share, sales growth, efficiency, company image, the width of assortment, financial resources, product quality, managerial competence. These factors are known as KCS (Critical Success Factors) Overall, it KCS resources, skills and abilities that determine the success of your business.

The company's strategy - commonly understood as a plan of the organization, associated with its current and future position in the environment and a relatively stable and coherent action. It serves the implementation of fundamental, long-term goals of the organization. Term strategy of the company is one of the key factors for its development.

Investment planning is directly related to the acquisition of funds for the development of the company. At the same time associated with the company's strategy. With proper planning, investment is another key factor in the development.

Over the many years of work with the support of aid funds (Grants)we were able to develop many companies and organizations. Meeting monitor features that appear on the Polish market to be able to offer our clients the best possible solution.

We can help you in obtaining funds that meet the diverse needs of the Company as investments in plant, machinery, innovation, human capital, and many others.

We support the development of health care by conducting organizational processes to support management of the facility, and support in all areas related to patient handling.

We assist in establishing standards of performance for your business. It is critical for your patients.

Facility Management means for us - to built its value. There is no single, efficient management model. System. Management must continually modify, improve, keep checking in which direction you should go.

Effective management is a value for your client. With it you get: reliability, accuracy and reliability.

Innovation is the key to development and success.

We try to make each of our project the most innovative. The best ideas are funding by European Union Grants.

We shape the highest standards of service, which is characterized by:

  • Reliability (at the first attempt),
  • Speed (time to make the decision),
  • Safety (professionalism),
  • Empathy (An individual approach),
  • Tangibility (equipment, personnel)

We prepare analysis that allow a better understanding of the market situation and take the appropriate investment decisions.

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